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MS Office has earned its reputation as an outstanding Suite of Integrated Productivity Tools by serving Business and Home users with unmatched efficiency. It comes in multiple versions to give utmost versatility and choice to its users. In this way, it has surpassed any competition that it encountered on its way to becoming a necessity in today’s world. Besides being an exceptionally simple to use software suite, it is equally convenient to set it up. At “”, you can easily deploy your purchased version of MS Office without much hassle.

Although, MS Office has become an essential piece of software for anyone willing to harness the full potential of their computing devices. However, first-time users have a number of questions before actually performing “”. Here, you can get answers to some of the commonly asked questions before understanding the “” process. 

Commonly Asked Questions

In order to avail all the benefits of MS Office, you must install it on your Desktop Computer or Laptop. Distinct versions are available for both Windows and Mac Devices. This means you can perform “” on both Windows and Mac based  computers. Besides, if you have a Tablet like Microsoft Surface Pro that functions like a Computer. Then, you can access MS Office with its full set of features. Else, you can use it on your Tablet but with limitations. 

However, if you don’t have a Desktop or Laptop Computer. Then, it is best to opt for Microsoft Office Online suite. Not only that, you can avail some of its Applications even on your Smartphones. But, for a full-feature version of MS Office; you must have a Desktop Device. 

MS Office is compatible with most of the available Windows and Mac based devices. In order to check the compatibility status of your system for “”, you must check its System Requirements.

You will need internet access to perform Office Setup for all versions of MS Office. Thereafter, it is essential to connect to the Internet once in every 30 days to keep the software up-to-date. If you stay disconnected for more than 31 days, it will reduce the functionality of your application. In order to reactivate your applications, make sure to connect to the Internet. 

Apart from this, you must have Internet Access for the MS Office Online suite. But, the Desktop versions can be used without the Internet as long as you connect to the Internet once in every 30 days.

Microsoft Account is a unique User Account that gives you access to all of the Microsoft Devices and Services that you purchase. In other words, it allows you access to your Hotmail,, Skype, Windows Phone, OneDrive, Xbox LIVE etc. Whenever, you want to purchase or try any of the Microsoft products or services, it prompts you to Sign In to your Account. In short, it is an essential requirement for availing and utilizing any of its products.

Although, MS Office is a well known software suite with users spread across the globe. Still, it understands user’s inhibitions in exploring any new software. Therefore, it allows you to experience MS Office with a free one month trial. However, it seeks your Credit Card Information for future transactions. In any case if you don’t want to continue after the Trial period, you can cancel your Subscription before the trial period ends. As such, it will not charge you anything.

Once you have purchased your preferred version of MS Office, it is extremely simple to deploy it. For this, you must access “”. However, in case if you have already established your Account while purchasing the software, log in at “”. Here, you can download the Setup File. Then, Install the application by means of a user-friendly Installer.

“Product Activation Key” is a 25-digit reference code holding the details of your purchased subscription. It is a unique combination of alphanumeric characters that you get after confirming your purchase. You must keep it safe as it is required to activate your Subscription.

You should look for this 25-digit alpha-numeric code in your Office product package. This package contains a Retail Card. You must check the Code on its back side. At times, you may find it printed on your Retail Receipt. However, in case of online purchase, check the “Purchase Confirmation Email”.

Commonly Asked Questions

Perform “” Process

Just like any other desktop software suite, MS must be installed on your Device before you could use it. Therefore, the very first step in “” process is to purchase a suitable version from its official website i.e. “”. Thereafter, proceed for its simple Setup procedure as explained below. 

  1. In the very first place, launch a Web Browser and visit “”.
  2. The initial window will prompt you to “Sign In” to your Microsoft Account. In case of an existing Account, click on “Sign In”. Then, provide your registered Email Address or Phone Number and click “Next”. Thereafter, enter your “Password” and click “Sign In”.
  3. However, new users must create a new account. For this, select “Create A New Account”. Then, establish your Microsoft Account by following on-screen instructions. 
  4. Once you are logged in to your MS Account, enter your 25 digit “Product Activation Key”.
  5. This will activate your Subscription giving access to a secure Download Link. 
  6. For this, go to the “Subscriptions” section of your MS Account. Here, you must locate the purchased product. Then, click on the respective “Install” button.
  7. After completing the download process, you must Install the software suite. For this, open the downloaded Setup File by clicking on it. Then, follow on-screen instructions to complete its Installation process.